Call for Papers


The CAUT Journal invites submissions throughout the year. Academic staff are invited to submit critically engaged articles of between 3000-5000 words, in English or French, on topics of interest to academic staff colleagues nationally and abroad. Submissions can, for example, document and assess campaigns and strategies, analyze positions and policies, discuss historical gains and losses, or outline challenges and possibilities for association activists in politically charged times.


Authors are asked to use APA format, and to register and submit through the CAUT Journal website.


Suggested topics for submissions include but are not limited to:


--Academic freedom and contingent work

--Librarians, archivists, and academic activism

--Intramural and extramural speech

--Activism for equity

--Academic bargaining for “the common good”

--Academic freedom and social media: the slings and arrows of outrageous tweets.

--Precarious work/precarious world

--Indigenizing the academy

--Strategies of engagement

--Bargaining in the Anthropocene